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Arrival Day

Here is information that is useful on the arrival day (23rd of June 2024).

Arriving at Copenhagen Airport

Buying tickets

Option 1: ticket machine

When you pass baggage reclaim and customs, the ticket office and ticket machines are located on the right-hand side of the arrival’s hall.


You can use the ticket machines in English. You can select Landskrona station by pressing “Ticket” on the screen and then choosing from a list of stations displayed. If Landskrona station for some reason doesn’t show up on the screen you can select “Another Station” to choose a destination that is not listed.On the next screen, you select the number of adult and child tickets you would like before the next screen displays the different ticket options and the total price for each option. You can pay for your tickets with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Electron).


Option 2: app

See video explaining Skånetrafiken (Skanetrafiken) app below

Get to the right platform:

The entrance to Platform 1 for the trains to Sweden is located right next to the ticket machines. At the bottom of the moving walkway, you might have to show photo ID/passport for travel to Sweden.Easiest way of getting to Landskrona is to take the train that goes to Göteborg. That train departs once an hour. Or you can take any train to Malmö central station and there change to a local train, those go more frequently.


Arriving at Malmö Airport 

Step 1: buy ticket from "Flygbussarna" to get from the airport to Malmö (the "Skånetrafiken" app does not take you to and from Malmö airport, hence why you have to take a "Flygbussarna" bus to Malmö first). Visit the website here:

Press "from airport" and enter the following information:

From which airport?: Malmö Airport

To which place?: Malmö Centralstation

Choose the amount of people travelling and buy the tickets. Make sure to read all the information given to you during the purchase. Information on when the busses departure can also be found on the website.

Step 2: buy tickets from the "Skånetrafiken" app or the tickets machines at the station. Information on how to download and use the app can be found below. If you have arrived to "Malmö Centralstation", To get to Landskrona, please fill in the following information in the "search journey":

from: Malmö C

To: Landskrona station

Useful transportation tips:

How to get from the airport to the accommodation:

This video demonstrates how to download and use the public transportation app "Skånetrafiken" (available on Google Play Store, App Store) . It is recommended to the delegations to download the app prior to arrival.

If you are arriving via airplane to Copenhagen Kastrup, fill in the "search journey":

from: CPH airport Kastrup

to: Landskrona station

If you are arriving via airplane to Malmö Airport and have arrived at Malmö Centralstation by bus, fill in the "search journey":

from: Malmö C

to: Landskrona station

You can download the app here (only available on mobile devices): 

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