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Check out this awesome and fun video from one of the Hong Kong delegations!

Written on the 28th of April 2024

Global Youth Reporter Programme

The invitation to the GYRP has now been posted under "New Young Masters Program & GYRP". It is for those of you who are interested in documenting, filming and reporting on all things CEI 2024. Check it out and see if you are interested!

Written on the 23rd of April 2024

Article about CEI 2024


A new article has been posted about the CEI Conference and the NYMP.

"Programme to boost young people's environmental engagement: Deep dive into sustainability issues."


Click the following button to read the article!

Written on the 13th of April 2024

Hi Everyone!


Just a reminder that in order to qualify for the Early Bird Prices your application for registration at the CEI 2024 conference both digitally as well in person needs to be submitted by the 7th of February. After the 7th of February normal registration fees will apply, unless otherwise agreed with CEI Sweden. 


Regards, CEI Sweden Board

 Written on the 5th of February 2024


Here are some photos of the host city of CEI 2024, Landskrona. The municipality of Landskrona has a population of approximately 47 000 people. It is located by the sea and has a long history spanning over 600 years.

 Written on the 1th of January 2024

Seminar about NYMP

Preparing the learning activities in the chapters 1-6 with the student teachers in Science at Malmö university, when Karin Warlin and Birgitta Nordén held a seminar about NYMP i.e. New Young Masters Program

 Written on the 9th of December 2023

Welcome to Landskrona slides

Below we share the presentation our host Karin Warlin did during the CEI2023 conference, welcoming you all to Landskrona in 2024. The presentation also has some key information for the 2024 conference!

Here are some pictures from our kick-off in August 2023 where we met to listen to inspiring speeches and start off the collaborative work toward CEI 2024 in Landskrona. A first step on the journey toward Education, Regulation and Collaboration towards a Sustainable Future.

CEI2024 teaser video

This video gives an introduction to Sweden and beautiful Landskrona, the town where the 2024 annual CEI conference will be hosted

This page will be updated with news as we get closer to the conference. If you wish to join the CEI2024 mailing list, fill out the sign-up form below and we'll keep in touch. Keep an eye out for the next newsletter!

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