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Information about the organization

Name: Caretakers of the Environment International / Sweden (CEI/SE)

Name in short: Caretakers Sweden / CEI Sweden

Status: Non-profit association

International: Swedish branch to Caretakers of the Environment International (CEI)

Established in Sweden: 1994-09-05

Founded in Sweden by: Birgitta Nordén and Ingrid Adolfsson

Org no: 845002-6607

Residence: Landskrona, Sweden




Post : Caretakers Sweden, c/o Andreas Feuk, Löpargatan 62 B, SE-26145 Landskrona

CEI Sweden board 2024

Karin Warlin President

Birgitta Nordén Vice President

Carolin Koppenaal Secretary

Andreas Feuk Treasurer

Anel Spahic Board member

Kristina Helg Deputy

Dalila Osmanovic Deputy

Katrina Taylor Co-opted Board member

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