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Vision CEI/SE

Prevention is better than cure.

There is only one earth. Even so we are not looking after it as we should. We exploit faster than we replenish. We use rather than reuse. The greatest challenge facing mankind, today and in the future, is how to look after the earth´s resources and create an ecologically sustainable society. So that the next generation will really be the next generation. The only option is preventive environmental strategies. But we have to start today. We have to find the best ways. We have to work together. Across borders. Then it will not be too late. By thinking in terms of prevention, we can solve environmental problems before they arise. They have to be tackled at source. This means, for example, that when a new product is to be made, the design, materials, manufacturing methods and transport are chosen that have the least impact on the environment. It is important that we look at the whole lifecycle of a product and minimize the environmental effects throughout the whole chain. The first step is a change of attitude.

Knowledge is the key to change.

The Faculty of Education and Society at Malmö University conducts research and teaching on sustainability didactics and preventive environmental management strategies. In collaboration established with Lund University educational and research programs examine pollution prevention by employing cleaner technologies.

Together we can bring about change.

Our vision is that the Swedish Branch of Caretakers of the Environment International, CEI/SE, will be part of a global network within which everybody works together with climate change, sustainability, and environmental questions - across national and cultural boundaries. With the New Young Masters Program concept at Malmö university and the conference CEI 2024 in Landskrona on Education, Regulation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future, we are taking another step in realizing our


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