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New Young Masters Program

Welcome to collaborate in the new remote learning Young Masters Program course and the hybrid conference CEI 2024 in Sweden.

How to sign up

New Young Masters Program (NYMP) is a special hybrid program for youth in connection to the celebration of the Swedish Caretakers of the Environment International 30th jubilee (CEI/SE) at the upcoming hybrid CEI 2024 conference in Landskrona.

It is open to participants aged 13 – 19 years from around the world. As their teachers are applying and registering them all together as delegations of 2-5 members from upper secondary schools. The passwords will thereafter be provided for access to the modules in the NYMP remote learning course, which starts in mid-October and continues until early spring semester on the Canvas platform at Malmö university.

The New Young Masters Program, which runs in line and is mainstreamed to the hybrid Swedish Caretakers of the Environment International Conference 2024, is a platform that provides opportunities to engage youth in global learning towards sustainability, and articulate their thoughts, challenges, address their interests, concerns, and goals. Additionally, NYMP provides opportunities for youth to engage with practitioners in the design, process and implementation of Education, Regulation and Collaboration towards a Sustainable Future initiatives and programmes.

The conference will be a platform for the youth to speak their minds, build knowledge, network with international fellow youth and learn from each other. Furthermore, youth will have the chance to be seated at the table and discuss insights, recommendations, and the way forward in the Sustainability and Environmental Education Field through global learning of the UN SDGs and Agenda 2030.

This global event will fulfil the curiosity of the participants by learning about the Swedish biodiversity, visiting some of its best nature sites in Scania, and experiencing local heritage of Landskrona, during the most pleasant season of the year. Your presence will be highly valuable.

The initial deadline for the New Young Masters Program has now closed. If you are still interested please contact

The New Young Masters Program will be carried out in partnership with Malmö University. After registration for the program, the log in site can be found by following the link below.

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