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The theme of the conference is:

Education, Regulation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

The sub themes are:

#4 Quality education

#6 Clean water and sanitation

#7 Affordable and clean energy

#12 Responsible consumption and production

#13 Climate action

#15 Life on land

Detailed conference program TBA
Below are some activities usually enjoyed at CEI

Educational workshops

Delegates will learn about sustainability from different perspectives through workshops hosted by local partners such as universities, businesses and NGOs.

Social activities

Throughout the week, delegates will get many chances to get to know each other better through icebreakers, games and challenges.

Cultural workshops

Participants will explore Swedish cultural traditions and connections to nature in the form of dance, food, music and art.

Cultural evening

A staple at CEI conference, the cultural evening is a night where each delegation shares a performance from their country or region.

Project presentations

Students from all around the world carry out local projects and present them at the conference to show how they have worked for sustainability in their home countries.

Field trip day

Delegates will spend a day seeing local natural highlights and visiting organizations in southern Sweden.

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