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The theme of the conference is:

Education, Regulation and Collaboration for a Sustainable Future

The sub themes are:

#4 Quality education

#6 Clean water and sanitation

#7 Affordable and clean energy

#12 Responsible consumption and production

#13 Climate action

#15 Life on land

Preliminary on-site schedule

Preliminary online schedule

The following details below have not yet been finalised, it can be subject to change

Project Presentation


The participants will do a local project in their delegation, that makes a difference for the environment in accordance with the theme and sub-theme of the conference. This project will then be presented during the week of the conference to the other delegations, sharing ideas, collaborating and discussing the ways of improving the project.

Deadline : TBD

  •  All participants are obligated to submit a presentation material in PDF or PPT format with file name format:  Group's Name_Project Title

  • All groups will be given 10 minutes maximum to do a presentation plus 10 minutes maximum for the Q&A session. 

  • All groups are obligated to give questions to other presenting groups. More information will be given at the conference. 

  • A moderator for each presentation session will be chosen

Project Summary


Along with the project presentation, the delegations will write an article/project summary that will be published in the annual "Global Forum". Previous volumes of the Global Forum can be found here: 

Deadline : 16th of May, 2024

  • All participants are obligated to submit a project summary with 250 words maximum. The file must be in Word Docs format with file name format:  Group's Name_Project Summary 

  • Make sure your summary is checked by an English teacher before submission Complete the form attached.

  • Please upload 3 photos from your projects. One (1) photo of your group and 1 to 2 photos of your project.

Submit: Please send it to by the 16th of May, 2024.

Project Poster


The delegations will also create a poster that showcases the project.

Deadline : TBD

  •  Participants need to create a colored poster of the project with the dimensions of 60 cm (width) and 80 cm (height) in PDF format. 

  • Participants need to insert logo of CEI, participant's school emblem and national flag in the poster. 

  • Use lots of pictures and few words, make sure everything can be read easily and lease turn in in PDF format. 

  • The research title and researchers' and teacher's name must be included in the poster.

  • For digital participants, upload the poster with file name format:  Group's Name_Research (Project) Title_Project Poster. 

  • For on-site participants, the poster need to be printed out and be brought on Showcase D-day along with other showcase equipment. 

Cultural Performance 


During the conference, there will be a cultural evening where all the delegations will display their cultural performance. Please visit the CEI Alumni below to see previous years performances to get an idea of what it is all about.

For On-Site Participants:

  •  Every country should prepare an artistic performance that represents their culture (e.g. dances, orchestra, drama, poem, language, food, etc.) with maximum duration of 3 minutes. 

  • Participants can prepare an accompaniment such as backsound (music), video or others (optional) for the performance. We advise you to not use materials from others, but if you do, make sure you have their permission and avoid copyright infringement

  • Only 1 performance is needed to represent each country. Please coordinate with your country’s head. 

  •  The file name format of the backsound (music) or the video is:  Group's name_Performance Title. 

For Virtual Participants: 

  •  Participants need to record a cultural performance video that represents their country's culture (e.g. dances, orchestra, drama, poetry, language, food, etc.) with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

  • Please coordinate with your country’s head so that all delegations/schools work together to send in only 1 video per country. 

  • The final product should be in a video format (e.g. M4A, MP4, MOV, AVI). 

  • The file name format of the backsound (music) or the video is:  Group's name_Performance Title 


This form need to be filled out for the cultural performance. THE DEADLINE IS THE 17TH OF JUNE. If you send any information after the 17th of June, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM THE CULTURAL PERFORMANCE!

To get a glimpse into the social and ceremonial aspects of the conference, please visit the CEI Alumni YouTube page here

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